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Three tips for a successful enterprise software project

At Anterec, we're a software development team who likes to see projects delivered to our clients. We've worked on many successful projects and that got us thinking about what actually makes a project succeed.

Looking back at some of the projects we've seen, we decided to put together our top three tips for a successful software project.
Tip 1: Don't overcomplicate it This has got to be the number one rule for a successful software project! Overcomplicating your software architecture is the surest way of killing it before it even gets started.

Some projects are complicated. This is where you really need to break it down into smaller, easily-manageable parts that can be delivered in short timescales. You can then see what you're getting, check if it's going in the right direction, and forecast how long it's going to take to get the whole project completed. Any good software team should be able to help your business follow Agile methodologies to manage the pr…
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